Mobile Technology - A novel approach to facilitate and motivate self-care among the leprosy affected



March 2017 - February 2020


Project coordination

The Schieffelin Institute of Health Research & Leprosy Centre (India)


Project summary

In leprosy some significant factors perpetuate the onset of deformity and make disability permanent and progressive. The low socio-economic status, stigma, ignorance, lack of motivation and level of understanding of impairments and deformities are some key factors in leprosy that lead to the irregularity and discontinuation of treatment by the patient.


The non-adherence of the patient to treatment and self-care practices have led to further deterioration and worsening of the impairments. An effective way to communicate, motivate, enhance the knowledge and understanding of the disease to the patient have always been the priority for any health education program in leprosy.


This project aims to prevent the neglect and worsening of impairments on individuals diagnosed and treated for leprosy by introducing a 24 hour toll free number and a mobile technology intervention. The project also aims to improve the skills and knowledge of the person affected by leprosy regarding impairment and disability and further helps them to prevent, suggest and seek appropriate management.


The project team, consisting of a social worker and a therapist, uses the mobile phone technology and 24 hour toll free number to interact and provide feedback to the patients. The feedback would be based on the patient’s queries and would be tailor made for that specific patient.


All the resources available for the leprosy affected patient through government schemes, centres providing treatment for leprosy and its complications in the district and state would be systematically collected for providing effective feedback to the patients through the toll free number and the mobile handsets. The identified data would help in developing m-health strategies.



€ 35,902