Stigma is a barrier to zero leprosy in terms of prevention of leprosy, treatment, case management, chemoprophylaxis, and prevention of disabilities. In addition, it has a severe impact on the mental wellbeing of persons affected and their families.

The LRI will therefore support studies addressing the following topics:

  1. Test effectiveness of stigma reduction interventions, including the feasibility, acceptability and impact of community involvement and participation of persons affected;
  2. Mental wellbeing of leprosy affected persons, the associations between mental health, health care seeking behaviour and accessibility of services and (effectiveness of) interventions to improve mental wellbeing;
  3. Promote the inclusion and participation of persons affected by leprosy in any aspect of society;
  4. Study the implementation and impact of UN Principles and Guidelines for the elimination of discrimination against persons affected by leprosy;
  5. Study perceptions of the disease and explanatory models of disease and experiences with the disease as a basis for developing optimal communication and behaviour change approaches.

LRI Supported projects

Relevant publications

Below are the most recent publications on stigma and discrimination. To see more, please visit Infolep