Annual report 2018 published

8 July 2019


Our 2018 Annual Repport is published.


To quote the Chair of the LRI Executive Group, Jan van Berkel:

"We are grateful of the many outstanding professionals and experts that contribute to the LRI Steering Committee, the Scientific Review Committee and the independent external reviewers, without whom it would not have been possible to achieve these results."


LRI Research Priority paper published

13 June 2019


We are excited about the publication of our Research Priority project in the Leprosy Review issue! 


Please have a look at the detailed results presented in the paper.


Reviewing Research Priorities of the Leprosy Research Initiative: a stakeholder’s consultation Leprosy Review (2019) 90, 3-30

Zahra Khazai, Wim van Brakel, Dirk Essink, Tom Gillis, Christa Kasang, Pim Kuipers, Paul Saunderson, David Scollard, Nienke Veldhuijzen


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Leprosy research projects succesful in EDCTP - LRI joint call

In 2018, two large PEP implementation trails succesfully obtained funding from a joint call by the  European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) and Leprosy Research Initiative (LRI).


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Spring Meeting 2019


On 4th and 5th April, 2019 the fourth annual Leprosy Research Initiative (LRI) Spring Meeting was held in Veenendaal, the Netherlands with a total attendance of 75 participants from 21 countries among whom were representatives from the Turing Foundation (LRI’s co-funder), the Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy (GPZL), the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trial Partnership (EDCTP), Novartis Foundation and R2STOP.


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