On Thursday April 7 and Friday April 8, 2022 the seventh annual Leprosy Research Initiative (LRI) Spring Meeting took place. Around 200 attendees from 48 countries joined us online. In Dr Richard Truman’s words, chair of the LRI Scientific Review Committee, “this meeting is designed mainly to review the progress of the various research projects supported by the LRI. It is also intended to be a form for the exchange of new information from established scientists and young investigators, as well as a platform for facilitating networking and, hopefully, developing new synergies.” 

In total 29 progress presentations; 21 regular and 8 so-called pitch presentations were given in two parallel tracks. Regular presentations were given on the progress of ongoing studies, whereas the pitch presentations were on research projects that started recently. The presenters covered a wide variety of studies, ranging from basic science to social science research projects. Regardless of the research topic, the potential impact of the projects for persons affected by leprosy, or at risk of being affected, is always at the epicenter. As the director of LRI, Linda Hummel said: “We share one goal; achieving zero leprosy. We share the drive to do so with a focus on the solutions for the ultimate beneficiaries; the people affected by leprosy.” 

In addition to the progress presentation sessions, the WHO Global Leprosy Programme gave an opening keynote presentation on WHO’s ongoing work on the definition, criteria, and indicators for interruption of transmission and elimination of leprosy. The plenary keynote presentations on the second day were devoted to the Excellence in Disability Prevention Integrated across Neglected Tropical Diseases (EnDPoINT) project and to the achievements & plans of the LRI and the Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy (GPZL) Research Agenda implementation. 

Because of its virtual nature, the meeting brought together a dedicated, worldwide community of researchers who shared their work, progress and difficulties with the LRI research committees, fellow researchers, funders and interested audience. We would like to thank everyone who attended, presented, chaired, and helped in any and every way! 

Recordings - Coming soon! 

Due to technical difficulties that occurred during the 1st day of the meeting, unfortunately, the quality of some progress presentations was negatively affected and presentations were missed by their interested audience. The progress presentations of the 2nd day were hosted on Zoom to prevent the occurrence of technical hurdles and improve the overall event experience.  

To ensure that insightful presentations and information are not lost, but widely shared with all interested parties, the recordings of the LRI Spring Meeting will be posted online. The recordings of all plenary sessions and progress presentations will be available soon on this page. Please keep an eye on this page for further updates. 

We thank you for your interest in the LRI Spring Meeting and apologize for any inconvenience.